Die allseitig reduzierte Persönlichkeit – Redupers

The All-Round Reduced Personality – Redupers
Edda Chiemnyjewski is 34, a divorced mother who works as a press photographer and takes care of her clingy, school-age daughter. She is working with other West Berlin photographers on an exhibition that is aimed at presenting a portrait of the city. But when the subsidised project begins to exceed the original bounds, Edda has to start manoeuvring to persuade the sponsors and the press of the validity of her vision … Helke Sander’s essayistic narrative film is an ironic and clever depiction from a feminist perspective of the universal dilemma of a working woman whose fragmented everyday life leads her to feel like anything but what in East German jargon was called an “all-round developed person”. With the episodic narrative, the director also documents various neighbourhoods in the divided city, as well as the lifestyle and tastes of the artistic elite in the West. Among the elements contributing to the authenticity of the film are numerous original prints by photographer Abisag Tüllmann (1935–1996); playing a bit part in Redupers, she articulates some of the issues of her profession.
by Helke Sander
with Helke Sander, Joachim Baumann, Andrea Malkowsky, Ronny Tanner, Gesine Strempel, Gislind Nabakowski, Gisela Zies, Helga Storck, Abisag Tüllmann
Federal Republic of Germany 1978 German 98’ Black/White Rating R6


  • Helke Sander
  • Joachim Baumann
  • Andrea Malkowsky
  • Ronny Tanner
  • Gesine Strempel
  • Gislind Nabakowski
  • Gisela Zies
  • Helga Storck
  • Abisag Tüllmann


Written and Directed by Helke Sander
Cinematography Katia Forbert
Editing Ursula Höf
Sound Gunther Kortwich
Assistant Director Renate Sami
Producer Clara Burckner
Commissioning Editor Maya Faber-Jansen

Additional information

Film print: Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V., Berlin

Helke Sander

Born in Berlin in 1937. She first attended an acting school in Hamburg before moving to Helsinki in 1959, where she studied German Studies and Psychology and worked as a director for theatre and television. After returning to Berlin, Sander enrolled at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB), and simultaneously made her first short films. In 1968, she was one of the founders of the "Aktionsrat zur Befreiung der Frauen” (Action Council for the Liberation of Women). Helke Sander taught Film at the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts and is also an author alongside her filmmaking work.


1966 Subjektitüde (Subjectitude); 4 min., Special 2005, Retrospective 2016 1971 Eine Prämie für Irene; 50 min. 1977 Redupers – Die allseitig reduzierte Persönlichkeit (The All-Around Reduced Personality – Outtakes); 98 min., Retrospective 1990, Forum 2010, Retrospective 2019 1981 Der subjektive Faktor; 138 min. 1984 Der Beginn aller Schrecken ist Liebe; 117 min. 1985 Nr. 1 – Aus Berichten der Wach- und Patrouillendienste (From The Reports Of Security Guards & Patrol Services Part 1); 10 min., Competition 1985, Retrospective 2010 1991 BeFreier und Befreite (Liberators Take Liberties); 180 min., Panorama 1992 1997 Dazlak; 89 min. 2001 Dorf; 90 min. 2005 Mitten im Malestream; 92 min.

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