Kad budem mrtav i beo

When I Am Dead and Pale
Jimmy isn’t good with names. If you believe what he says, a piece of shrapnel hit him in the head when he was a boy. ''They're singing Schlager music!'', sighs this up and coming, yet desperately untalented singer. A manager acquaintance of his corrects him: ''It's called beat music''. He’s not even sure what he should call himself, whether Jimmy, Jimmy Barka, or even his birth name. ''I'm not Janko!'' is one of the last lines he delivers in the film. It's as if he's saying nothing other than ''I'm not me!''. Neither schlager, nor beat, Kad budem mrtav i beo is the ultimate punk film of Yugoslavian cinema, the blackest of the Black Wave. It’s practically bursting with music, most of it folk, there’s nothing that can stop the restless Jimmy from singing. He dreams big, he wants to make it in the city. What emerges in parallel to his adventures is a precise cartography of the outskirts of Belgrade in the 60s: fairs, military ceremonies and singing competitions, piles of scrap, construction sites, fields of mud. A city appearing in front of our very eyes, a city where anyone can simply disappear.
by Živojin Pavlović
with Dragan Nikolić, Ružica Sokić, Neda Spasojević, Dara Čalenić, Severin Bijelić, Nikola Milić, Zorica Šumadinac, Slobodan Aligrudić, Milivoje Tomić, Snežana Lukić
Yugoslavia 1967 Serbo-Croatian 79’ Colour


  • Dragan Nikolić (Džimi Barka)
  • Ružica Sokić (Duška)
  • Neda Spasojević (Lilica)
  • Dara Čalenić (Mica)
  • Severin Bijelić (Oficir)
  • Nikola Milić (Moša)
  • Zorica Šumadinac (Bojana)
  • Slobodan Aligrudić (Milutin)
  • Milivoje Tomić (Poslovođa)
  • Snežana Lukić (Zubotehničarka)


Director Živojin Pavlović
Screenplay Ljubiša Kozomara, Gordan Mihić
Cinematography Milorad Jakšić-Fanđo
Editing Olga Skrigin
Sound Design Miodrag Petrov
Sound Matija Barbalic
Production Design Dragoljub Ivkov
Restoration Producer Jadranka Blanusa Centar Film, Jugoslav Pantelic Yugoslav Film Archive

Yugoslav Film Archive

Živojin Pavlović

Born in 1933 in Šabac, which at the time was part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and today belongs to Serbia. He studied painting and made his first film, Žive Vode, in 1962. Pavlović made a total of 15 feature films until his death in 1998. He also worked as a writer, a painter, and a professor. Živojin Pavlović is considered one of the most significant directors of the Yugoslav Black Wave movement in cinema of the 1960s. For his film Budjenje pacova, he won the Silver Bear award at the 1967 Berlin International Film festival.


1962 Žive vode; part of the omnibus film "Kapi, vode, ratnici" 1963 Obruč (Encirclement); part of the omnibus film "Grad" 1965 Neprijatelj (The Enemy); 95 min. 1966 Povratak (The Return); 70 min. 1967 Kad budem mrtav i beo (When I Am Dead and Pale); 79 min. · Budjenje pacova (The Rats Woke Up); 79 min., Competition 1967 1969 Zaseda (The Ambush); 80 min. 1970 Crveno klasje (Red Wheat); 85 min. 1973 Let mrtve ptice (Flight of a Dead Bird); 88 min. 1977 Hajka (Man Hunt); 104 min. 1980 Nasvidenje v nasledni vojni (See You in the Next War); 118 min. 1983 Zadah tela (Body Scent); 99 min. 1987 Na putu za Katangu (On the Road to Catanga); 106 min. 1992 Dezerter (The Deserter); 109 min. 2002 Država mrtvih (The State of Dead); 92 min.

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