Sinfonía de un mar triste

Symphony of a Sad Sea
A wide, narrow shot shows Hugo standing by the sea, eyes fixed on the horizon: an image both tight and vast. There is an oppressiveness to Hugo’s day-to-day life in Mexico, and in his overlaid voice, which shares the narrative of his move from Guerrero in the south, to the coast near the US border. At the same time, the wide aspect ratio captures the expanse of the ocean, on the other side of which, Hugo believes, his father lives.
by Carlos Morales Mexico 2017 Spanish 13’ Colour Documentary form


Director Carlos Morales
Cinematography J. Daniel Zúñiga
Editing Mar Jardiel
Music Omar Juárez
Sound Design Encoresound
Production Design Tanya Herández
Assistant Director Miranda García
Production Management Claudia Vicke
Executive Producers Gerardo Escobio, Claudia Vicke
Producer Claudia Vicke

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Ni muy muy Ni tan tan Films

Carlos Morales

Born in Chiapas, Mexico in 1981, his love of storytelling prompted him to study screenwriting at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC) in Mexico City. He has written screenplays for films and television and worked in film production. He has also ventured into the medium of print by publishing his first book, ‘The Electrocuted Fish’.


2017 Sinfonía de un mar triste (Symphony of a Sad Sea); short film

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