Toda mi alegría

All My Joy | Augenblicke meiner Freude
Yuletide pandemonium in the Argentinian summer. A dress is laid out on Camila’s bed, not exactly what the eleven-year-old would rather wear – if it were up to her she’d spend all day in the same faded yellow shirt, or in her swimsuit, jumping into the pool in defiance of the rules. Lucía watches from the water’s edge. An attraction develops between the two girls, which Camila first notices when she adopts a different perspective.
by Micaela Gonzalo
with Tali Slipak, Ornella D’Elia, Mauro Gonzalo, Tobías Millstein, Gonzalo Altamirano, Veronica Scheneck, Malena Shnitzer, Enrique Federman, Pablo Perevelli
Argentina 2017 Spanish 14’ Colour recommendation: 12 years and up


  • Tali Slipak (Camila)
  • Ornella D’Elia (Lucía)
  • Mauro Gonzalo (Juan)
  • Tobías Millstein (Fabricio)
  • Gonzalo Altamirano (Ezequiel)
  • Veronica Scheneck (Mother)
  • Malena Shnitzer (Aunt)
  • Enrique Federman (Father)
  • Pablo Perevelli (Uncle)


Written and Directed by Micaela Gonzalo
Cinematography Federico Lastra
Editing Ignacio Masllorens
Music Mariano Di Cesare
Sound Design Nahuel Palenque
Sound Nahuel Palenque
Production Design Mirella Hoijman
Costumes Sol Muñoz
Casting Maria Milessi
Assistant Director Martín Vilela
Production Management Tomás Eloy Muñoz
Executive Producer Mariana Luconi
Producer Mariana Luconi

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Protón Cine

Produced by

Protón Cine

Micaela Gonzalo

Born in 1987 in Pilar, Argentina to a working class family. She studied directing and screenwriting at the CIEVYC film school in Buenos Aires and then lighting and camera at the Sindicato de la Industria Cinematográfica Argentina (SICA) in the same city. In 2009 she began teacher training in language and literature and attended workshops run by Argentinian writer Hebe Uhart. Her short films, short stories and screenplays have been invited to festivals and have won various competitions and stipends. She published her debut novel 'Neptuno' in 2017.


2012 El entrenador de perros (The Dog Trainer); short film 2014 El corazón quiere lo que quiere (The Heart Wants What It Wants); short film 2015 Saber, Hacer, Probar (Taste and Go); TV series, one episode 2017 Ultimos días del hombre (San Martin); TV documentary · Toda mi alegría (All My Joy); short film

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