‘Everything is back to normal’ announces the voice over the loudspeaker, following a disruption in the metro system. But what is ‘normal’? And for whom? Hubert, a poet, falls victim to racist police violence. In this hybrid animated short, rats find themselves in a society dominated by white mice: an allegory and trenchant observation. ‘Je marche, je marche’ – thus the poet continues on his path after the attack.
by Jeremie Becquer
with Marc Alexandre Oho Bambe, Guillaume Bouchède, Dalia Constantin, Léonard Bismuth, Timon Chapelon, Pauline Champetier
Denmark 2018 French 6’ Black/White


  • Marc Alexandre Oho Bambe (Hubert)
  • Guillaume Bouchède (Police chief)
  • Dalia Constantin (Policewoman Sylvie)
  • Léonard Bismuth (Policeman Didier)
  • Timon Chapelon (Homeless rat Manolo)
  • Pauline Champetier (Intercom)


Written and Directed by Jeremie Becquer
Animation Jeremie Becquer, Maria Sandvig, Léonard Bismuth, Allan Michaut, Kristoffer Ager, Pauline Champetier
Editing Léonard Bismuth
Music Marc Alexandre Oho Bambe
Sound Design Thomas Richard Christensen
Sound Oliver Vauple, Emil Woxen Andersen
Production Design Ditte Wad Andersen, Morten Krebs, Allan Michaut, Michel Nielsen
Production Management Maria Sandvig
Assistant Director Léonard Bismuth
Producer Michelle Nardone

World sales

Produced by

The Animation Workshop – VIA

Jeremie Becquer

Born in Luxembourg in 1991, he studied character animation at the Lycée des Arts et Métiers in the same city and then at the Animation Workshop in Denmark. He made Vermine during his studies.


2018 Vermine (Vermin); short film

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018