Kinshasa Makambo

In January 2015, the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, sought a constitutional amendment that would allow him to be elected president for a third time. This film documents the resulting demonstrations and follows three protagonists of the resistance. Ben, who lives in exile in New York, takes the advice of his fellow countrymen in exile and decides to join the struggle in the Congo. Jean Marie, who has just been released from prison, continues his public campaign for his country’s freedom and is persecuted by the secret service. Christian fights unperturbed in the streets of Kinshasa, even after former Prime Minister Etienne Tshisekedi, on whom the opposition had pinned their hopes, dies and the movement against Kabila’s extension of his time in office seems paralysed.
Should one resist in exile, or fight on the ground in the Congo? Should resistance be non-violent or should force be used if required? Filmed throughout with a handheld camera that stays very close to the protagonists, even in precarious conditions, Dieudo Hamadi explores the pros and cons of different forms of resistance. To this day, Kabila remains in office - unconstitutionally.
by Dieudo Hamadi Democratic Republic of the Congo / France / Switzerland / Germany / Qatar / Norway 2018 Lingala 75’ World premiere | Documentary form


Written and Directed by Dieudo Hamadi
Cinematography Dieudo Hamadi
Editing Hélène Ballis
Sound Design Philippe Ciompi
Assistant Director Jeancy Kimvula Matoka
Production Manager Frédéric  Féraud, Quentin  Laurent, Vera Nsingani
Executive Producers Dieudo Hamadi, Frédéric  Féraud, Quentin Laurent , Vera Nsingani
Producers Dieudo Hamadi, Frédéric  Féraud, Quentin Laurent 
Co-Producers Bärbel Mauch, Britta  Rindelaub, Johnny  Holmvag
Co-Production Bärbel Mauch Film Berlin
Alva Film Genf
Flimmer Film Bergen
Arte France  Paris
RTS Cinéma
Al Jazeera English Doha

Produced by


Les Films de l'oeil sauvage 

Dieudo Hamadi

Born in Kisangani, the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1984, he studied medicine and then attended several documentary workshops. In 2013, he made his feature-length debut with Atalaku. The film Congo in Four Acts, to which he contributed, and his film Maman Colonelle screened in the Berlinale's Forum programme in 2010 and 2017 respectively.


2009 Zero Tolerance; short film 2010 Congo in Four Acts; segment “Ladies in Waiting”; Forum 2013 Atalaku 2014 Examen d’état (National Diploma) 2017 Maman Colonelle (Mama Colonel); Forum 2018 Kinshasa Makambo

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018