Eu sou o Rio

I am the River
Tantão is a visual performer, painter, and musician from São Gonçalo, on the other side of the bay of Rio de Janeiro. Trained in classical violin, he worked as a draftsman in the shipyards while becoming a subculture pop star as the keyboarder of Brazilian underground sensation Black Future, whose 1988 single “Eu sou o Rio” is regarded as the anti-anthem of the city to this day. The band quickly split up and Tantão has been pursuing a varied art and music solo career ever since, an eternal idiosyncratic fixture on the Rio art and underground circuit.
Eu sou o Rio is as much a portrait of Tantão as it is a portrait of Rio. It is an attempt to spend time with Tantão, a film made by friends as friends, capturing his passions as well as his demons, inviting the viewer into an intimate, tender, and sometimes uncomfortable space. Shot in grainy black and white video, the film follows Tantão on his walks through the nocturnal metropolis, watches him create and disrupt, consume drugs, go off on tangents and tantrums and, again and again, perform his music.
by Gabraz Sanna, Anne Santos
with Carlos Antonio "Tantão" Mattos
Brazil 2017 Portuguese 78’ Black/White Documentary form


  • Carlos Antonio "Tantão" Mattos


Written and Directed by Gabraz Sanna, Anne Santos
Cinematography Gabraz Sanna
Editing Gabraz Sanna
Music tantão e os fita, DEDO, black future
Sound Design Anne Santos
Sound Anne Santos
Production Design Samira Motta
Producers Gabraz Sanna, Anne Santos, Thais Medeiros

Produced by

Gabraz Sanna and Anne Santos

Gabraz Sanna

Gabraz Sanna, born in 1981 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a visual artist and filmmaker. He shot his first film O estrangeiro in 2004, followed by two experimental features as co-director about the contemporary writers Manoel de Barros and Maria Gabriela Llansol. By now he has directed around 15 films and worked on other’s people projects, accumulating functions as director of photography and editor. He also acts as a curator.


2004 O Estrangeiro (Stranger) 2005 A Roda (Wheels) · Plano sequência para surtar os amigos · Diferença ou Repetição (Different Repetition) · Especulações em torno da palavra punk! (Searching the punk word) 2006 Amor à flor de lá (The Outside Flower) · Lingua de Brincar (Play my Tongue) 2007 Pequena Abertura Para o Deserto (The Desert Window) · Redemoinho-Poema (The Hurricane Poem) 2008 Cães da Vizinhança (Street Dogs) · Enfim sós (Lonely then) 2009 O Crepúsculo dos ídolos (The Twilight of the Idle) · Proposição 24 (Proposition 24) 2010 Marisqueiras do Cabuçu (Sea Them) 2011 Arrebentação (Ties) 2012 Rio do Meu Cabelo (My River Hair) 2013 Oceanne 2014 Sonho de Sara (Dream of Sara) · Ruína (Ruin) 2015 Digitaria ex Machina 2016 We are Dreamers 2017 Noise · Eu sou o Rio

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018

Anne Santos

Anne Santos is a sound designer and filmmaker from Brazil. She has worked on dozens of films and TV documentaries before directing her first short film, Oceanne, co-directed by Gabraz Sanna. Eu sou o Rio is her first feature film as a director.


2013 Oceanne; with Gabraz Sanna, 5 min. 2018 Eu sou o Rio

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018