Dikkertje Dap

My Giraffe | Mein Freund, die Giraffe
‘We were meant to go to school together.’ · ‘Giraffes don’t need school. They know all they need to know.’

Based on one of Holland’s most beloved nursery rhymes, a funny, fanciful story unfolds about the value of an unusual friendship and the fundamental changes that threaten it. Patterson’s best buddy has big, dark eyes, a super long neck and soft, lightly speckled fur. His name is Raf, he was born on the same day as Patterson and, yes, he’s a talking giraffe. The two friends are about to turn four, which means their first day of school together is right around the corner. At least that’s what Patterson has promised. Alas, the school has a strict ‘no animals allowed’ policy. Bright balloons pop, red rubber boots remain unworn and the evening flashlight signaling ritual goes unanswered.
by Barbara Bredero
with Liam de Vries, Yannick van de Velde, Rayan Belrhazi Alaoui, Martijn Fischer, Egbert-Jan Weeber, Medi Broekman, Dolores Leeuwin
Netherlands / Belgium / Germany 2017 Dutch 74’ Colour empfohlen ab 6 Jahren


  • Liam de Vries (Patterson Peps)
  • Yannick van de Velde (Raf)
  • Rayan Belrhazi Alaoui (Yous)
  • Martijn Fischer (Grandpa)
  • Egbert-Jan Weeber (David Peps)
  • Medi Broekman (Suzanne Peps)
  • Dolores Leeuwin (Teacher Nellie)


Director Barbara Bredero
Screenplay Mirjam Oomkes, Laura Weeda based on the poem by Annie M.G. Schmidt
Cinematography Coen Stroeve (NSC)
Editing David Verdume
Music Herman Witkam
Sound Claudia Mattai del Moro, Corinna Zink
Production Design Florian Legters
Costumes Monica Petit
Make-Up Liselotte Bredero
Casting Martha Mojet, Janusz Gosschalk, Leonie Luttik
Assistant Director Michiel Collenteur
Line Producer Juri Keuter
Executive Producer Elsemijn Teulings
Producers Erik Glijnis, Fleur Winters, Eva Eisenloeffel, Leontine Petit
Co-Producers Brigitte Baake, Dries Phlypo, Jean-Claude Rijckghem, Leontine Petit, Dorothe Beinemeier
Co-Production A Private View Gent
Hamster Film Hamburg
KRO-NCRV Hilversum

Produced by

Lemming Film

Barbara Bredero

After studying theatre, film and television at the University of Amsterdam, she worked as a production assistant and assistant director before directing a number of television shows. In 2005 she made her first short film Liefs uit de Linnaeusstraat (From Linnaeusstraat With Love) and dedicated it to her colleague, film director Theo van Gogh who was murdered in 2004. She made her cinema debut in 2008 with the children’s film Morrison krijgt een zusje (Morrison Gets a Baby Sister). This was followed by the Dutch box-office-breaking Mees Kees (Mister Twister) feature film trilogy. Her films have won numerous international awards.


2001 Westenwind; TV-series, six episodes (2001–2002) 2002 Bradaz; TV-series, one episode · Meiden van de Wit; TV-series, four episodes 2005 Liefs uit de Linnaeusstraat (From Linnaeusstraat With Love); short film 2007 Spoorloos verdwenen; TV-series, two episodes 2008 Morrison krijgt een zusje (Morrison Gets a Baby Sister) 2009 Verborgen gebreken; TV-series, three episodes · Floor Faber; TV-series, three episodes 2010 VRIJland; TV-series, twenty episodes (2010–2011) 2012 De 4 van Westwijk; TV-series, ten episodes · Mees Kees (Mister Twister) 2013 Mees Kees op kamp (Mister Twister Goes Camping) 2014 Mees Kees op de planken (Mister Twister on Stage) 2015 Sammy Paramaribo; TV-series, five episodes 2017 Dikkertje Dap (My Giraffe)

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