Unas preguntas

One or Two Questions
What does peace mean to you? And justice? Following 12 years of military rule (1973–1985) and the accompanying silence, it couldn’t be taken for granted that people in Uruguay at the end of the 1980s would discuss such questions in such lively fashion in public. Two women take to public spaces across the country a U-matic camera and ask these questions of countless passers-by. The reason is a controversial amnesty law passed in 1986 that grants impunity for human rights violations and crimes committed by the police and the military under the dictatorship. Enthusiastically conducted conversations on the street are at the heart of this stirring film, which documents the mobilisation of civil society from collecting signatures for a referendum to the day of the actual vote. TV ads and campaign spots from the time supplement the smartly edited video footage, which has never been used previously. One can hear a plurality of opinions, experience a society in upheaval and recognise the importance of the public sphere as a stage for political debate. An example of democracy in action, of the kind that once again needs defending in many places in the world today.
by Kristina Konrad Germany / Uruguay 2018 Spanish 237’ Colour Documentary form


Written and Directed by Kristina Konrad
Cinematography Kristina Konrad
Editing René Frölke
Dramaturgy René Frölke
Interviews María Barhoum, Graciela Salsamendi
Sound María Barhoum, Graciela Salsamendi
Producer Kristina Konrad

Kristina Konrad

Born in Zug, Switzerland in 1953. She completed studies in History in Paris. Since 1994, Kristina Konrad has lived in Berlin, where she works as an author, director and producer.


1986 Cada dia historia (everyday history); 89 min. 1988 Yo era de un lugar que en realidad no existía; 85 min. 1989 De la mar a la mesa; 38 min. 1990 Por centésima vez; 75 min. 1991 Los vecinos del barrio; 34 min. 1992 Comuna mujer; 43 min. 1995 Seasick on Solid Ground; 15 min. 2000 Greater Freedom Lesser Freedom; 83 min. 2005 Our America; 84 min. 2008 Far Away From Here; 29 min. 2011 When We Were Happy and Didn´t Know It; 73 min. 2015 Diego; 45 min. 2017 Dos días en mayo; 58 min. 2018 Unas preguntas

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2018