In the autumn of 1967 during the Vietnam War, army volunteer Chris Taylor is assigned to an infantry platoon near the Cambodian border. He soon realises that he and his comrades have very little chance of surviving in their fight against the Vietcong. He begins hanging out with a clique of pot-smoking GIs surrounding Elias Grodin, a veteran, disillusioned sergeant who believes the war has already been lost. When a group of frustrated soldiers massacres the inhabitants of a Vietnamese village, Grodin threatens to turn them in. But the leader of the group is also the sergeant’s superior and during the next patrol, he takes steps to protect himself … After playing numerous villains, his portrayal of a GI with great integrity who retains his humanity amid the realistically-depicted horrors of war was a decisive step in Dafoe’s career. His death scene, which echoed a 1970s anti-war poster, is among the most powerful icons of American films about the Vietnam War. His performance brought him his first Academy Award nomination in 1987 as best supporting actor. Oliver Stone won both the Oscar and the Berlinale’s Silver Bear as best director.
by Oliver Stone
with Tom Berenger, Willem Dafoe, Charlie Sheen, Forest Whitaker, Francesco Quinn, John C. McGinley, Richard Edson, Kevin Dillon, Reggie Johnson, Keith David
USA 1986 English 120’ Colour Rating R16


  • Tom Berenger
  • Willem Dafoe
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Forest Whitaker
  • Francesco Quinn
  • John C. McGinley
  • Richard Edson
  • Kevin Dillon
  • Reggie Johnson
  • Keith David


Written and Directed by Oliver Stone
Cinematography Robert Richardson
Editing Claire Simpson
Music Georges Delerue
Sound Simon Kaye
Production Design Bruno Rubeo
Art Director Rodel Cruz, Doris Sherman Williams
Costumes Wynn Arenas, Kathryn Morrison
Producer Arnold Kopelson

Produced by

Hemdale Film Corporation für/for Orion Pictures Corp.