Vênus – Filó a fadinha lésbica

Venus – Filly the Lesbian Little Fairy
In this animated fairy-tale Filly, a lesbian fairy with nimble fingers, seduces women by day dressed as a boy. But at night something strange happens and soon half the population of Whatsit Village are eagerly queuing up.
by Sávio Leite
with Helena Ignez
Brazil 2017 Portuguese 6’ Colour


  • Helena Ignez (Filly)


Written and Directed by Sávio Leite
Editing Lucas Campolina
Music Fabiano Fonseca
Sound Design Sérgio Scliar
Assistant Director João Dias, Arthur Senra, Luiz Gustavo
Producer Alexandre Pimenta

Produced by

Leite Filmes

Sávio Leite

Born in Brazil in 1971, he studied visual arts at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. He is a video artist, short film director and animator and has already worked on numerous cinema projects. He lecturers in animation and is a founder and curator of a short film festival in Belo Horizonte. He has been a jury member for various festivals. His own films have screened at around 200 festivals in over 30 countries.

Filmography (short films)

2001 Mirmidoes (Myrmidons) 2003 Marte (Mars) 2004 Plutao (Pluto) · O Vento (The Wind) 2005 Aeroporto (Airport) 2006 Eu sou como o polvo (I am like the octopus) 2007 Mercurio (Mercury) 2008 Terra (Earth) 2012 Macacos me mordam (Holy Crap) 2014 Saturno (Saturn) 2017 Vênus – Filó a fadinha lésbica (Venus – Filly the lesbian little fairy)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017