To rotate around one’s own axis can be cumbersome and at the same time it can make one light weighted. It is a repetitive movement and does not go forward. It is never linear but still it can make things change or transcend them. Spinning generates energy, creates an outside and an inside. It is stagnant and fast; it takes place on a micro and macrocosmic level. Everything is inconsistent.
Spin is an experimental film about ‘spinning’ in the field of tension of experimental physics (science) and Sufism (mysticism/Islam). It deals with different concepts of truth and their complexities. It also deals with the conception of body and spirit as instruments to experience and generate wisdom and with the space that emerges between sciences and spirituality. It looks at their borders, the borders of the tangible and perceivable for the human being.
Starting in a salt desert, fictional invisible characters meet, searching for a placing of their being. Poems, interviews with physicists, philosophers, a Sufi sheikha, a semazen (dervish), and fictional dialogues are interwoven with an audiovisual exploration of rotation, examining different forms of doubting, differentiating, and thinking.
by Ginan Seidl
with Susanne Sachsse, Norman Sieroka, Ş. Barihüda Tanrikorur, Cheihka H. Nur Artiran, Zafer Gürel, Veli Aksoy, Helena Eckert, Karen Barad
Germany 2017 Turkish, German, English 80’ Colour


  • Susanne Sachsse (narrator)
  • Norman Sieroka
  • Ş. Barihüda Tanrikorur
  • Cheihka H. Nur Artiran
  • Zafer Gürel
  • Veli Aksoy
  • Helena Eckert
  • Karen Barad


Written and Directed by Ginan Seidl
Cinematography Ray Peter Maletzki
Editing Ginan Seidl
Sound Design Ginan Seidl
Sound Ginan Seidl
Producers Ray Peter Maletzki, Stephan Helmut Beier, Ginan Seidl

Produced by

Ginan Seidl

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Ginan Seidl

Ginan Seidl, born in 1984 in Berlin, lives and works in Halle (Saale) and Berlin. After she finished her studies of plastic arts in Halle (Saale), Berlin, and Mexico City, she participated in the Professional Media Master Class and Master Class Lab of Werkleitz e.V. in 2012 and 2016. She has won several art awards and had residencies in Istanbul and Mexico. Her work has been shown in international film festivals, exhibitions, and art festivals. She is a member of the collective Rosenpictures.


2011 Inverse Geometrie; 10 min. 2012 Rotation; 8 min., Forum Expanded 2013 2013 Ferferak; 5 min. · Subconscious Areas; video installation 2015 Remote City; 20 min. · Boy; 30 min. · Istambul; 20 min. 2017 Spin

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017