Mittsu no hikari

Three Lights
Aoi is a young nursery school teacher whose fiancé leaves her. Her friend Michiko works in a call centre and has ‘lots of free time, but little freedom’. She no longer interacts with her husband, aside from the occasional sad blow job. Then there’s her attractive tennis teacher Masaki, with whom she’s having an affair that’s conducted when they’re pulled up in parking lots. And finally there’s his friend K., a self-proclaimed genius with authoritarian tendencies. Four people in the vast city of Tokyo united by their love of music. Fate brings them together in a remote abandoned warehouse to work on experimental sounds in an improvised recording studio. Yet the important thing is not the piece itself but the path they take to get there, which means working on one’s psychological issues in creative fashion, even as they generate friction with those of the others.
In his fourth feature film, Kohki Yoshida precisely dissects the mechanisms of creative energy: personal frustrations, vanities, egotism. He asks why the joint creative process is linked to such pain. With elegance and keen perception, Mittsu no hikari shows how harm can lead to ambition – and ambition to harm.
by Kohki Yoshida
with Ryo Ikeda, Hiroshi Suzuki, Kazuha Komiya, Emi Maki, Natsumi Ishibashi, Takenori Goto, Satoshi Morishita, Daisuke Sasaki, Yumi Torigoe, Ryuzo Tanaka
Japan 2017 Japanese 100’ Colour


  • Ryo Ikeda (K)
  • Hiroshi Suzuki (Masaki)
  • Kazuha Komiya (Aoi)
  • Emi Maki (Michiko)
  • Natsumi Ishibashi (Aya)
  • Takenori Goto (Taiki)
  • Satoshi Morishita (Khosuke)
  • Daisuke Sasaki (Fumi)
  • Yumi Torigoe (Sakurai)
  • Ryuzo Tanaka (Producer)


Written and Directed by Kohki Yoshida
Cinematography Takayuki Shida
Editing Tatsuma Furukawa
Music Yawn of Sleepy
Sound L'équipe
Producer Masashi Yamamoto

Produced by

Cinema Impact

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Kohki Yoshida

Born in 1980 in Tokyo. He studied Film at Zokei University.


2004 Rasenteki joshoteki (Rising Spiral); 10 min. 2005 Echika; 50 min. 2006 Sairensui (Silence); 30 min. 2007 Shorei X (Symptom X); 67 min. 2011 Kazoku X (Household X); 90 min., Berlinale Forum 2011 2012 Fukaku kono sei o aisu beshi (Love Thy Woman Deeply); 44 min. 2013 Tokyo Bitch, I Love You; 70 min. 2017 Mittsu no hikari (Three Lights)

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