The Comet | Der Komet
The sea. High waves. Dark water. A border fence, two men in hiding. Their flight begins. Only one of them will reach Sweden.
One of the men is played by Abdi Aziis, who himself has fled from Somalia to Sweden in order to escape the oppression and persecution of gay men. “He is our comet” explains director Victor Lindgren, who, in merely a few selected situations, manages to convey the exertions, the deep abyss, the arrival and the loneliness of those who flee. Both men lay alongside each other on a bench, one arm extended across the other’s belly – an image that symbolizes their intimacy, their shared experience. And in the next moment it’s all gone. Forever. How can life go on?
Victor Lindgren’s film Ta av mig was conferred with a TEDDY Award for Best Short Film at the 2013 Berlinale.
by Victor Lindgren
with Abdi Aziis
Sweden 2016 Arabic, Swedish 11’ Colour


  • Abdi Aziis


Written and Directed by Victor Lindgren
Cinematography Rasmus West
Set Design Andréas Brännström
Sound Design Christoffer Demby
Editing Rasmus West
Production Manager Anna Brodin
Producer Therese Högberg
Executive Producer Melker Garay
Co-Production MGB International Schweden

Victor Lindgren

Born in Holmsund, Sweden in 1984, he has been working in film and television since high school and is one of the co-owners of Bautafilm production company. He teaches filmmaking to children at festivals and in schools.

Filmography (short films)

2006 Klasskamrater (Classmates) 2010 Var du där då? (Where were you?) 2013 Tony och Lena (Tony and Lena) · Ta av mig (Undress me); Berlinale Shorts 2015 Fiskar Har Inga Känslor (It's Okay To Eat Fish Because They Don't Have Feelings) · Jag Vill Nå Dig (I Turn To You) · Små Små Bitar (Tiny Tiny Pieces) 2016 Robbans Video · Den Blomstertid Nu Kommer (Meet Me In Holmsund) 2017 Kometen

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