Dean has a thing for Jess – and it drives him crazy that she's with Christian. Egged on by his friends, he manoeuvres everyone into making a hot-tempered and brainless move. This unreal drama of one night's events tells a tale of hubris, jealousy, complete loss of control and the desire to undo the past. An intelligent and unsettling short thriller about passion, powerlessness and an attempt to turn back the clock.
by Sean Lahiff
with Toby Wallace, Harrison Gilbertson, Sarah Jeavons, Leo Santangelo, Henry Reimer Meaney
Australia 2017 English 13’ Colour


  • Toby Wallace (Dean)
  • Harrison Gilbertson (Ray)
  • Sarah Jeavons (Jess)
  • Leo Santangelo (Christian)
  • Henry Reimer Meaney (Paul)


Director Sean Lahiff
Screenplay Dave Haddin, Sean Lahiff, Michael Clarkin
Cinematography Maxx Corkindale
Editing Sean Lahiff
Music Ken Stringfellow
Sound Design Pete Best
Sound Des Kenneally
Production Design Tony Cronin
Costumes Chloe Spalding
Make-Up Rebecca Buratto
Casting Angela Heesom
Assistant Director Shannon Crotty
Production Manager Michael J. Smith
Producer Michael Clarkin s.p.a.
Executive Producers Anthony Keenan, Jon Hoh, Stephen Boyle

Produced by

Snakepit Media

Sean Lahiff

The son of film director Craig Lahiff, he grew up in Adelaide, Australia and inherited his love of cinema from his father. He has worked as an editor and VFX editor on diverse productions - from cult Australian horror films to Hollywood blockbusters. One of his most recent works was directing the horror-comedy short Too Dark.

Filmography (short films)

2003 Clothtape: Hollow Vows 2004 Meat Wallet: Filth Kill 2005 Sterilising Sol-3 2015 Too Dark 2017 Smashed (Zerschlagen)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017