Centaur | Zentaur
Centauro is a Greek-Creole western that is set in the Argentine Pampas. In Greek mythology, the centaur is a wild mix of man and beast, born of the union between god and man. In Argentine mythology, the gaucho holds a significant cultural position. The gaucho descends from the union between the indigenous population and Iberian immigrants. Gauchos adopted the Indígenas’ approach to livestock farming and are always associated with horses and vast open plains. The drama occurs when the brother falls from a horse and can no longer be saved. Man and horse become one, for a short moment. Then he draws a knife and revenge violates the idyll: An eye for an eye, a man for a beast. Fire burns on the street, the gaucho mounts his horse and revenge runs its course. The mythical realm overflows into the realm of reality.
by Nicolás Suárez
with Agustín Alcides Otero, Walter Jakob
Argentina 2016 Spanish 14’ Colour


  • Agustín Alcides Otero (Gaucho)
  • Walter Jakob (horse owner)


Written and Directed by Nicolás Suárez
Cinematography Federico Lastra
Editing Luis Sebastián Agulló
Music Gabriel Chwojnik
Sound Design Paula Ramírez, Diego Martínez
Art Director Sofía Marramá
Producers Mariana Luconi, Nicolás Suárez

Produced by

Nicolás Suárez

Nicolás Suárez

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1987, he studied screenwriting at the Escuela Nacional de Experimentación y Realización Cinematográfica (ENERC) and literature at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. The feature film Hijos Nuestros, which he wrote and co-directed together with Juan Fernández Gebauer, screened at film festivals in Mar del Plata, Málaga, Toulouse, Cartagena and Guadalajara. He currently lectures in literary theory and is taking a PhD in Argentinian literature and cinema.


2015 Hijos Nuestros; co-director: Juan Fernández Gebauer 2016 Centauro (Centaur)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017