Motza el hayam

Low Tide
The fact that Yoel Kanovich didn’t report for the army reserve training he was summoned to is by no means his only problem. His marriage to Sigal is on the rocks, his father recently died of a heart attack, and on top of that he’s lost his job as a history teacher. His nerves apparently got the better of him during a lesson on the Balfour Declaration, of all things. Of all the many declarations made over the years, this promise of a homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine was his father’s favourite. But with everything we learn here about the country and Yoel’s home city of Tel Aviv, we could equally speculate that this same declaration is responsible for the state of routine emergency depicted so aptly in Motza el hayam. Using scraps of news reports on the soundtrack, TV images and visions of destruction, the film repeatedly brings together the omnipresent violence in this society and the mess that makes up Yoel’s private life. How he turns his back on all this and the surprising encounters he has while looking for a way out lead to some bizarre situations. The film sets a tone in which the absurd is very much at home.
by Daniel Mann
with Gal Hoyberger, Susanne Gschwendtner, Amnon Wolf, Eran Ivanir, Oleg Levin, Amit Berlowitz
Israel / France 2017 Hebrew, English 74’ Colour


  • Gal Hoyberger (Yoel)
  • Susanne Gschwendtner (Suzan)
  • Amnon Wolf (Dotor)
  • Eran Ivanir (Amos)
  • Oleg Levin (Slava)
  • Amit Berlowitz (Sigal)


Written and Directed by Daniel Mann
Cinematography Ziv Berkovitch
Editing Or Ben David
Music Or Ben David
Sound Design Michael Goorevitch
Sound Michael Goorevitch
Production Design Shasha Dotan
Producers Itai Tamir Laila Films, Ilann Girard Arsam International

Produced by

Laila Films

Arsam International

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Daniel Mann

Born in New Haven, USA, in 1983. He studied Film at Tel Aviv University. Daniel Mann is currently pursuing his PhD in Media and Communications at Goldsmiths College in London.


2009 Complex; 10 min. 2012 Future Diaries; 50 min. 2014 Birdman; 80 min. 2017 Motza el hayam (Low Tide)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017