Mulher do pai

Nalu on the Border
‘It can’t be easy for your dad, right?’ · ‘It isn’t easy for me.’ · ‘Why?’ · ‘I have to do everything now. He doesn’t do anything by himself.’

16-year-old Nalu is tired of her drab existence in the sleepy little Brazilian village on the Uruguayan border she calls home. If she could only move away, just a few kilometres even, to somewhere more lively! But she's tied down for now, especially after her Grandmother passes and she has to look after Ruben, her blind laconic father. Hope enters the picture when Nalu begins to get to know art teacher Rosario better. She can confide in her – at least until Rosario starts to shift her attention to Ruben. Suffused with a subtle corporeality, in calm, atmospherically dense images, the film tells the story of a young woman torn between family obligation, a longing for intimacy and the search for a life of fulfilment and independence.
by Cristiane Oliveira
with Maria Galant, Marat Descartes, Verónica Perrotta, Amélia Bittencourt, Áurea Baptista, Jorge Esmoris, Fabiana Amorim, Liane Venturella, Diego Trinidad, Renan Goulart
Brazil / Uruguay 2016 Portuguese, Spanish 94’ Colour


  • Maria Galant (Nalu)
  • Marat Descartes (Ruben)
  • Verónica Perrotta (Rosario)
  • Amélia Bittencourt (Olga)
  • Áurea Baptista (Vera)
  • Jorge Esmoris (Antonio)
  • Fabiana Amorim (Elisa)
  • Liane Venturella (Carmen)
  • Diego Trinidad (Juan)
  • Renan Goulart (Fabio)


Written and Directed by Cristiane Oliveira
Co-writer Michele Frantz
Cinematography Heloisa Passos
Editing Tula Anagnostopoulos
Sound Design Miriam Biderman, Ricardo Reis
Sound Mixing Paulo Gama
Production Design Adriana Borba
Producers Aletéia Selonk, Cristiane Oliveira, Diego Fernandez Pujol
Executive Producers Graziella Ferst, Gina O'Donnell, Gabriel Richieri
Associate Producer Gustavo Galvão
Co-Production Transparente Filma Montevideo

Produced by

Okna Produções

Cristiane Oliveira

Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. A director, screenwriter and producer, she began her career making short films including Messalina which screened at over 20 international festivals and won numerous awards. Her feature film debut Mulher do pai (Nalu on the Border) first appeared at the Berlinale during its development phase where it won the VFF Talent Highlight Pitch Award. The film premiered at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival where it won awards for Best Director, Cinematography and Supporting Actress. This year Oliveira is also participating in Berlinale Talents.


2004 Messalina; short film 2008 Hóspedes; short film 2016 Mulher do Pai

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017