Johogoi Aiyy

God Johogoi
Johogoi, a young horse herder from a rural area in Sakha, walks towards the city to attend the main summer festival, the Ysyakh. As he has never been to this large celebration before, he is bursting with excitement, eager to participate in all the rituals and engage in conversation with elders and fellow herders. Johogoi set off on this journey believing he was summoned there by the horse deity to find the beautiful woman who appeared in his dreams. His smile is contagious and brings a cheerful mood to the festivities, contrasting with some visitors who simply do not understand his pure intentions. However, neither the crowds nor the frivolous festival bustle will distract him from his search. The documentary backdrop fuses effortlessly with the story’s spiritual symbolism, preparing a stage for the benevolent protagonist’s journey. The warm cinematography embraces Johogoi and his dreams, mirroring the long-awaited summer.
by Sergei Potapov Russian Federation 2016 Sakha 60’ Black/White Documentary form


Director Sergei Potapov
Screenplay Sergei Potapov, Zhanna Skryabina
Cinematography Zhanna Skryabina, Semen Amanatov, Iskander Ivanov, Evgenii Osipov, Vadim Skryabin
Editing Sergei Potapov, Petr Karsagov
Sound Innokentii Sivtcev
Music Moisey Kobyakov
Executive Producer Zhanna Skryabina
Producers Zhanna Skryabina, Aleksandra Sarana

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Antipode Sales & Distribution

Produced by

Sakha Film

Sergei Potapov

Born in 1975 in Suntar village, Yakutia. In 1996 he graduated from Yakut Republic Culture and Arts College’s Theatre Studio as an actor. In 2003 he graduated from the Russian Theatre Academy, Directing Department. He was a participant of the XXIX Moscow International Film Festival in the nomination ‘Perspectives’, the IVth IFF of the Asia-Pacific countries (Vladivostok), 'Kinoshok' IFF (Anapa), IFF in Gothenburg (Sweden) and imagineNATIVE in Toronto (Canada). The film Snowdrops is a holder of the prize for the ‘Best Directing’ and the ‘Best Actor’ at the Cheboksary International Film Festival (2013).


2006 Breathe 2007 Once Upon a Time in Yakutsk · Fads of the Rain 2008 Kito-moto 2010 While the Wind Blows 2011 Autumn 2012 Doydu 2013 Snowdrops 2016 God Johogoi

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