As duas Irenes

Two Irenes | Zweimal Irene
‘Irene, since when do you know?’ · ‘About my dad?’ · ‘Yes.’ · ‘Since a little while. But my mum doesn’t know that I know.’

By chance, Irene discovers that there is another 13-year-old Irene living in the same town. Curiously, she observes the confident, cheerful girl who lives alone with her mother. She is fascinated by this other world beyond the bounds of her own well-to-do and traditional family. This other Irene seems free. Soon the two girls, apparently so different from each other, are spending every day together, meeting up with boys in the cinema or going to the lake. When they start talking about their fathers, they notice that they have more in common than they had thought. An exquisite mosaic that weaves a wonderfully delicate web of identity questions, true friendship and the first steps towards adulthood.
by Fabio Meira
with Priscila Bittencourt, Isabela Torres, Marco Ricca, Inês Peixoto, Susana Ribeiro, Teuda Bara, Maju Souza, Ana Reston, Marcela Moura
Brazil 2017 Portuguese 89’ Colour empfohlen ab 12 Jahren


  • Priscila Bittencourt (Irene de Mirinha)
  • Isabela Torres (Irene de Neuza)
  • Marco Ricca (Tonico)
  • Inês Peixoto (Neuza)
  • Susana Ribeiro (Mirinha)
  • Teuda Bara (Madalena)
  • Maju Souza (Solange)
  • Ana Reston (Cora)
  • Marcela Moura (Doroti)


Written and Directed by Fabio Meira
Cinematography Daniela Cajías
Editing Virginia Flores
Music Edson Secco
Sound Design Ruben Valdés
Sound Ruben Valdés
Production Design Fernanda Carlucci
Costumes Anne Cerutti
Make-Up Marcos Freire
Casting Simone Caetano
Assistant Director Alice Gomez
Production Manager Carolina Sganzerla
Line Producer Diana Almeida, Rachel Braga
Producers Diana Almeida, Fabio Meira
Co-Production Balacobaco Filmes Goiás

World sales

TRUE COLOURS Glorious Films

Produced by

Lacuna Filmes

Roseira Filmes

Fabio Meira

Born in Goiânia, Brazil in 1979, he began working in the film industry as assistant director to Ruy Guerra who has won two Silver Bears at the Berlinale. Fabio Meiro studied at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión in Cuba and directed numerous short and medium-length films. As duas Irenes (Two Irenes) is his debut feature film as director.

Filmography (selection)

2004 Dolores; short film 2008 Atlântico; short film 2013 Novembro (November); short film 2017 As Duas Irenes (Two Irenes)

Bio- & filmography as of Berlinale 2017