Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank
With the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, the situation for Anne and her family becomes very dangerous. In order to avoid deportation, they hide in a “secret annexe” in the rear of a house in Amsterdam. It’s a claustrophobic existence between everyday routine and looming menace, between birthday parties, bomb scares and fear of being discovered. Young Anne recorded all of this in her diary, describing her wishes, desires and fears as she comes of age behind locked doors. Her clever observations and insightful descriptions have helped generations of young people to picture the horrors of the Nazi persecution of the Jews. Based on the original diary and with a star-studded cast, this film now introduces Anne’s story to a new generation.
by Hans Steinbichler
with Lea van Acken, Martina Gedeck, Stella Kunkat, Ulrich Noethen
Germany 2016 128’

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Universal Pictures International

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