Ten Meter Tower | Zehn-Meter-Turm
The experimental set-up of the film is equivalent to a physical composition. But unlike physics, the conclusion is not predictable. Swimming pool. Interior. Day. 10 metre diving tower. The camera is focussed on the platform. The sound is set up for the audience to hear everything that happens, up there. Diverse people, alone, with a friend or partner, climb the tower, dare to walk to the edge of the board, look down and then pause. “Stick to your decision and jump”, she says. “There is no way that I’m going to run and jump. That’s for sure”, he says. What makes people jump? What is the meaning of such heights? What requires courage – diving off or climbing down backwards? The tension of observation can dissolve at the moment of the jump, better still at the moment of the scream. Relief for both sides. The calm remains.
by Maximilien Van Aertryck, Axel Danielson Sweden 2016 17’

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