Vita Lakamaya

Two creatures lie in a meadow in the land of Vita Lakamaya. The camera pans very slowly, exploring the ground and the world. There’s a buzzing in the air. Something is different. The seemingly naïve animation reveals a tranquility - as similarly puzzling as the sudden procession of creatures passing through the forest. A funeral? Fish accompany them. The meadow is populated with beetles and butterflies. The year’s cycle is complete. The leaves fall and the being sleeps. Dreamt and dreamy is the procession, the time. Just like Piezke, Popov’s dormouse friend, whose favourite pastime is sleeping. The year draws to a close. In a single shot, director Akihito Izuhara once again reveals a glimpse of the life in Vita Lakamaya and is therewith represented in competition at Berlinale Shorts for the third time.
by Akihito Izuhara Japan 2016 8’

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Studio Mangosteen

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