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Fortune Favors the Brave
“A laughter drives all worries away ... Just laugh Linh.” · “If you open all the cookies, they lose their meaning anyhow.

Eleven-year-old Linh shows great grace under pressure. When her mother, who’s raising her kids on her own, has to return unexpectedly to Vietnam, Linh looks after her little sister Tien and the family restaurant on her own. Of course, no one is supposed to find out, not the school, not the neighbours, and definitely not child protective services. But Linh’s biggest problem has red hair, a telescope and a sly grin: Pauline. The daredevil from across the street has the whole neighbourhood under surveillance and can’t imagine anything cooler than a life without parents. When Pauline blackmails the Vietnamese sisters into starting a gang with her, the three girls set off on a daring adventure. The winner of the German first funding initiative of “Der besondere Kinderfilm” weaves a story of friendship, family ties and, last but not least, the magical power of fortune cookies.
by Norbert Lechner
with Lynn Dortschack, Lisa Bahati Wihstutz, Linda Phuong Anh Dang, Andreas Schmidt
Germany 2016 96’

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