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“It’s the bracelet I gave you.” · “So?” · “Just wondering why you’re still wearing it.”

Summer break is here, finally! Time to sleep in and have water fights. An easy-going friendship grows between ten-year-olds Sun and Jia. Sun is happy about the chance to have a new best friend, since she’s always treated like an outsider in her class. Jia is new in town and happy to have made a connection so soon in her unfamiliar surroundings. She admires Sun’s skilled fingers, her braided bracelets and the nail polish she makes herself from crushed flower petals. But when the new school year begins, everyday reality puts their relationship to the test. This feature film debut from Yoon Ga-eun, who won the Crystal Bear for Best Short Film in 2014, takes the audience inside the twists and turns of a blossoming friendship.
by Yoon Ga-eun
with Choi Soo-in, Seol Hye-in, Lee Seo-yeon
South Korea 2016 95’

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