Schonzeit für Füchse

No Shooting Time for Foxes
Two old school friends, both in their late twenties. One lives on his parent’s rural estate and does nothing; the other half-heartedly pursues work as a journalist in Dusseldorf. While he allows himself to be lulled by the stifling petty bourgeoisie of his mother-in-law to be, he also enjoys the baronial hunting parties in the country. With their indifferent attitude, the two make cynical and blasé comments about prevailing conventions – the ones they’ll never break away from … Precisely located in place via documentary images, and in time with a reference to “the new Godard” (Une femme est une femme, 1961), Schonzeit für Füchse is a milieu study that recaps the end of the Adenauer era for the petty and grand bourgeoisie in the lower Rhine region. Criticism of the continuity of handed-down authority was clearly evident in scenes of the hunt, with the hunters’ soldierly demeanour and its military rituals. As a hunting author who is as brutish as he is sentimental, the former star of Ufa films Willy Birgel emblematically embodies “the stable, restorative self-assurance of the forefathers” (Günter Seuren), against which the young men had, at the time, no chance.
by Peter Schamoni
with Helmut Förnbacher, Christian Doermer, Andrea Jonasson, Monika Peitsch
Germany (Federal Republic from 1949) /1966 92’

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