Eco de la Montaña

Echo of the Mountain
Mural artist Santos Motoapohua de la Torre lives as isolated and forgotten as his Huichol village in Jalisco. His colourful work has catapulted him into the Western art scene, yet Santos does not let this world encroach on his people’s heritage. Journeying through the endangered sacred peyote route, we follow him and his community on a pilgrimage to their hallowed ground of Wirikuta, where they will perform a ritual to ask the gods’ permission to create a new work of art. Veteran filmmaker Nicolás Echevarría takes a fresh approach in this documentary, enhanced by stunning nature shots and the clear inspiration provided by the Huichol’s passionate advocacy for their history, traditions and culture.
by Nicolás Echevarría
with Santos Motoapohua de la Torre
Mexico 2014 92’

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