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My Skinny Sister | Stella
Two years ago this film’s director took part in the Berlinale with the remarkable short Eating Lunch in which she also explored the topic of young people with eating disorders. This new work marks her first feature-length drama. Stella is in love with, of all people, someone almost four times her age and has no idea how to tell him. But her older sister Katja’s problem weighs far heavier on her mind. Katja is a talented figure skater and is always busy with school or training. At home she receives almost all of her parents’ attention. Stella barely gets a look in. Stella admires her sister and tries hard to emulate her. The two girls get on well as a rule, but Katja hardly has any time and can sometimes be unexpectedly distant and mean. Stella is the first to realise that something is wrong with her sister and discovers that she is suffering from a severe eating disorder that could kill her. Stella wants to tell their parents but Katja forces her to swear not to. That is far too big a burden of responsibility for a girl of her age. This powerful film describes how Katja’s illness slowly drives the family to the brink of despair.
by Sanna Lenken
with Rebecka Josephson, Amy Deasismont, Annika Hallin, Henrik Norlén, Maxim Mehmet, Ellen Lindbom, Åsa Janson, Hugo Wijk, Karin de Frumerie
Sweden / Germany 2015 95’ empfohlen ab 12 Jahren

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