El Gurí

The Kid
Gonzalo is only ten years old and yet he must look after his baby sister all by himself. His great-grandmother is too weak to help. Gonzalo lives in a simple house on the edge of a little village somewhere in the vastness of Argentina. His mother left a few days ago. Gonzalo believes she will soon come home, but the others in the village know better. Neighbours try to help him: there is old Felipe who runs the bar that has seen better days, and then there is the vet Julio and his wife Alicia next door who look after stray dogs. But if only someone would decide to take in the boy and his little sister. Maybe that person could be pretty Lorena, who is stranded here for a few days now that it is going to take longer for her car to be repaired. And all the time the question goes begging: where is Gonzalo’s mother? Why did she leave? And who is – or who are – the fathers of the two children? Gradually the fog of uncertainty begins to lift around this unusual boy.
by Sergio Mazza
with Maximiliano García, Sofía Gala Castiglione, Daniel Aráoz, Susana Hornos, Federico Luppi, Belén Blanco, Ian Franco Morales
Argentina 2015 88’

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