Spring | Frühling
Quiet Dayana lives in the Bolivian mountains where she helps her grandmother with the cooking and tends the goats with her friend Walter. In the midst of her meagre existence she suddenly receives the news that she has been chosen to be Queen of the Spring. She is going to wear a magnificent white dress and her hair gets decorated. A flurry of excitement accompanies the outlandish coronation ceremony. Dayana is enthroned on a stage, surrounded by a bevy of similarly clad princesses of the same age. Afterwards, she dances with Walter, her Spring Groom in a suit and tie. The couple do not look particularly happy. Told in a series of long takes, the film provides a close and intense glimpse of another world far away. No explanation is provided and so the proceedings remain a mystery.
by Joaquín Tapia Guerra
with Dayana Cruz Condori, Walter Cruz Caballero, Fabiana Condori Argote
Bolivia 2014 16’

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