Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast

In agricultural times in old Taiwan, the person in charge of organising the menu and catering was called 'Zone Pro Site', meaning catering chef in Taiwanese. More than 20 years ago, there were three outdoor banquet (ban-doh) master chefs who dominated the catering business in Taiwan. They were known as Master Silly Mortal, Master Ghost Head and Master Fly Spirit. However, the outdoor banquet business has been in decline since Taiwan’s economic take-off, and even the master chefs have felt helpless in trying to turn back the tide. Master Fly Spirit wants to pass the family recipes and culinary skills on to his only child, Wan. But she desperately wants to run away from the family business to become a fashion model. Nevertheless, fate proves that Wan is destined to take up the challenge and mission she once shunned.
Zone Pro Site is a magnificent moving feast that you cannot miss on the big screen. It will definitely make your mouth water.
by Chen Yu-Hsun
with Lin Mei-Hsiu, Yang Yo, Hsia Kimi
Taiwan 2013 145’

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