Final Recipe

Hao was once a famous chef but now diners don't want to eat in his Chinese restaurant any more. Hao despises the fact that people nowadays do not respect traditional dishes and he has become a bitter old man. His only hope is that his grandson Mark (Henry Lau) will get into a prestigious university. But Mark’s dream is to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and become a chef.
Hao’s restaurant is on the verge of bankruptcy. In order to save it, Mark enters a TV cooking contest in Shanghai called 'Final Recipe'. He competes against talented young chefs from around the region and has the chance to show off the ravishing cooking skills he has learnt from his grandfather over the years. Meanwhile, contest producer Julia (Michelle Yeoh) hopes her husband and world-renowned chef David (Chin Han) will enter the contest and rediscover his love for cooking. As Mark wins round after round and gains increasing attention, Julia slowly realises that Mark and her husband share a secret neither of them yet knows about.

After the screening: menu by Daniel Achilles
by Gina Kim
with Michelle Yeoh, Henry Lau, Chin Han
South Korea / Thailand / Singapore 2014 98’

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