Young lovers Ann and Gero are travelling through Europe when their car breaks down in the Eifel mountains. Vinzent and Franz invite them to spend a carefree weekend partying in a remote holiday cabin. But after a playful ‘séance’ their initial bright mood soon becomes uneasy as strange occurrences start to take place with alarming regularity: there are constant power cuts, weird noises emanate from the woods, taps keep turning themselves on, and bags are found to be rummaged through. But who or what is behind these events? Is it the strange old fellow in the woods who appears to be watching the group? Or overwrought Vincent who gets his kicks from scaring the others? Could it be Gero, who is always filming everyone and everything and is simply using this opportunity to play out his own crazy idea of a horror film? Or might this terrible cabin harbour a secret more sinister than anyone could have imagined? A cinematic homage to the depiction of unexplained terror in the tradition of found footage films such as The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity.
by Axel Stein
with Nadine Petry, Lars Steinhöfel, Pit Bukowski, Sonja Gerhardt, Cristina do Rego
Germany 2013 80’

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