I Cavalieri della Laguna

The Knights of the Lagoon
A human, poetic journey inside the Orbetello lagoon fishing community, using the fishermen’s stories to explore a new way of fishing and a philosophy of food production which cares about quality, the environment and people. It’s a story of tradition and technology, humans and nature, passion and conflicts. Gruff men who can both make us chuckle and feel melancholy, men who can laugh at themselves and their situation, who tell their stories frankly with all their individual contradictions. They are heroes suspended between the destiny of a disappearing world and the romantic, stubborn desire not to give up, to keep alive their story, which is also the story of their families, their fathers and grandfathers.
In the midst of this unprecedented economic crisis, in which the Western industrial system has revealed its complete failure, it is essential to highlight and promote alternative production models. The logic of small, local, cooperative businesses like this might seem insignificant and anachronistic in a globalized world of corporations and astronomical turnovers, but in fact it offers the only way forward if we want to rediscover a harmonious relationship with the natural world.

After the movie a set menue will be served in Markthalle Neun.
Tickets also available at the cinema box office.
by Walter Bencini Italy 2013 100’

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