BirdWatchers - La terra degli uomini rossi

Birdwatchers - Das Land der roten Menschen
Rich green images of the Brazilian rain forest are contrasted with the bleak expanses of giant plantations. This film tells a story of stolen habitats and the curse of globalisation, of landowners and of those who have been evicted from their home – the Guarani-Kaiowà – who set out to reclaim the land of their ancestors. Director Marco Bechis accompanies them on their struggle against exploitation and lack of prospects. Theirs is a story of co-dependencies, convergences, exchange, friendship and betrayal.
Working together with the Guarani-Kaiowà to develop an authentic screenplay, Bechis also cast tribe members in the leading roles. Ambrósio Vilhalva, who superbly embodies the role of clan leader Nadio, fought for his people’s land rights for many years. He was murdered in December 2013. The screenings of this film in the NATIVe context aim to preserve the memory of his life and struggle.
by Marco Bechis
with Abrísio da Silva Pedro, Alicélia Batista Cabreira, Ambrósio Vilhalva
Brazil / Italy 2008 108’

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