Im Tekhayekh, Ha'Olam Yekhayekh Elekha

Smile, And The World Will Smile Back | Lache und die Welt Lacht mit Dir
A night like so many nights in Hebron, on the West Bank. A night like so many nights under the occupation. Law permits the Israeli army to enter Palestinian homes at any time. They do not have to say why they search an apartment in the middle of the night. They do not have to explain why they force those present to do what they want. They express their demands with the help of a translator. The others are forced to do what they want. Law permits Palestinians to film these actions and the army is not allowed to forbid it. They are not allowed to take the camera away from them. On this particular night, relations are altered due to the presence of an active camera. It is the family members themselves who film what happens, establish a balance amid the imbalance, who are and continue to be involved in the altered relations. In 2011, Yoav Gross was represented in competition at Berlinale Shorts with the film Susya, made with colleague Dani Rosenberg.
by Ehab Tarabieh, Yoav Gross, Familie al-Haddad Israel / Palestine 2014 21’

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