Moy lichniy los'

My Own Personal Moose | Mein persönlicher Elch
Misha is a quiet, dreamy boy. His dearest wish is to one day meet a real elk. He is always out and about in the countryside with his father where such magnificent animals seem within his grasp. And yet, years go by without Misha’s dream ever once having been fulfilled. A chubby dance teacher unsuccessfully tries to cheer up Misha, who has long since given up hope. But then, all of a sudden, an unexpected encounter occurs. But whether this is a stroke of good or bad luck will be food for thought for a long time to come. Reflecting the boy’s quirky fantasy world in a mixture of playful and surreal motifs, and making use of images which are as melancholic as they are endearing, the film conjures up the power of the imagination, loneliness and the passing of time.
by Leonid Shmelkov Russian Federation 2013 17’ recommendation: 10 years and up

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