El carro azul

The Blue Car | Das blaue Auto
After his grandmother’s death Hansel returns to Cuba from San Francisco to look after his disabled brother, Marcos. The brothers have drifted apart. Marcos misses his grandmother and refuses to accept that she has died. She was the only one he trusted, the only one to look after him so patiently, and to teach him so much about the world, time, humans and animals. At first Marcos sees Hansel as an intruder in his world. He spends most of his time on the balcony looking up and down the street and playing a game he always used to play with his grandmother: waiting for an orange car. Hansel tries to approach his brother, albeit somewhat awkwardly. He begins to play the game with him, in his own way – hoping to regain his brother’s trust.
by Valerie Heine
with Carlos Riverón, Marcos Costa, Miriam Soccarás
Germany 2014 20’

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