Rainbow's Gravity

An exploration of Agfa-Color-Neu film stock, produced in National Socialist Germany. Running along the layers of color emulsion, the film burrows down deep into the escapist color landscape of the period, investigating the material requirements, ideological suppositions, and continuities of the the Agfa color palette. Images projected into the former production workshops not only dismantle themselves, but also an eye accustomed to historicization, and attempt to make visible what the colors don’t indicate.

Mareike Bernien, based in Berlin and Kerstin Schroedinger, based in London and Zürich, have been collaborating on films, exhibitions and texts since 2006.
by Mareike Bernien, Kerstin Schroedinger
with Berit Ehmke, Hanna Bergfors, Mayan Printz, Michal Glazik, Tanja Kaemper
United Kingdom / Germany 2014 32’