Na kathese ke na kitas

Standing Aside, Watching
Farmland, empty warehouses and a secluded railway station. Antigoni, in her early thirties, is the only person who gets off the train. After many years she has returned to the Greek town where she grew up, determined to make a life for herself. She meets her long-standing girlfriend Eleni, begins working as a teacher and finds a boyfriend. Nikos is young and unassuming. He works for a scrap-dealer named Nondas, a bullish man with a criminal record who lives in a caravan. Eleni, who submits herself to Nondas’ sexual whims, is regularly humiliated and beaten by him. Nikos is also involved.
Antigoni feels alienated by the place she once called home. Everything around her is governed by the unwritten laws of a brutalised male world dominated by discrimination, corruption, violence and submissiveness. Yorgos Servetas’ dense and impressively laconic film uses images of defunct industrial sites, deserted streets and rugged mountain ranges to visualise the speechless lethargy which has descended upon this community. His protagonist confronts everything she encounters with the same dazzling strength of character exhibited by her ancient Greek predecessor.
by Yorgos Servetas
with Marina Symeou, Marianthi Pantelopoulou, Yorgos Kafetzopoulos, Nikos Georgakis
Greece 2013 90’

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