L'Amour des Moules

Mussels in Love
The Belgians look forward to it with bated breath, just like top chef Sergio Herman and mussel breeder Henk. Along with many others. The start of the mussel season. But how does this shell fish end up on our plates? And why do we love it so?
In Mussels in Love (L'Amour des Moules) light is shed on the life of the Zeeland mussel in an intimate, down-to-earth manner. We get to observe its complete life cycle: the mussel that loves, the mussel that holds on with all its might, and the mussel that is cast off by the storm.
On its way, the mussel encounters passionate enthusiasts who also fall in love, struggle and overcome. Biologist Annelies introduces us to the sexual habitat of mussels. Then she becomes pregnant – by the mussel man. Top chef Sergio, after a love-hate relationship with the shell fish, now specialises in preparing it. Gynaecologist Jan uses the glue mussels make to save the lives of unborn babies. And then there's the phenomenon of the mussel princess.

After the screening: menu by Michelin-star chef Nils Henkel
by Willemiek Kluijfhout Netherlands / Belgium 2012 73’

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