About Ndugu

"When you got married, where did you go to? Did you go to the moon?"
Somewhere in Africa. Ndugu is dancing with his friends when the school head calls him over and reads him a letter from his foster father in America. The letter is in English. Ndugu listens attentively. His foster father has been married for 42 years. Now his wife has suddenly died of a brain haemorrhage and he is all alone and unhappy. He has sent Ndugu a snapshot of himself. Ndugu takes the photo and thinks about his foster father’s words. Suddenly he knows exactly what he has to do. Ndugu loves his foster father and, if he is unhappy, he wants to make him happy. He sets off in search of a wife for him. It’s not easy, because the women in the village have all got better things to do and don’t really see the urgency. But Ndugu is not willing to give up so easily.
by David Muñoz
with Daniel Itumo
Spain 2013 15’

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