Matar extraños

Killing Strangers
A series of auditions is taking place in a museum-like living room. Various men improvise or deliver prepared lines, rehearse gestures and slogans, aim guns, and collapse as if mortally wounded. The theme of revolution is repeatedly invoked. In between, there are scenes of a desert landscape. Three men seeking to join the Mexican Revolution at the beginning of the last century have lost their way. Conflicts smolder among them, water is running low, and mutual mistrust is beginning to take hold. Placing the reenactment of a possible historical event alongside the preparations for it serves to underline the theatricality of every cinematic account of history. Moreover, on a kind of playful meta-meta-level, the scenes in which the actors feel their way through set pieces from a Beatles song or standard battle slogans allow the viewer to witness the simultaneous construction and deconstruction of a collective myth of revolution. The kind of myth that people repeat around campfires or that, on a symbolic level, itself becomes a warming campfire of the collective.
by Jacob Secher Schulsinger, Nicolás Pereda
with Gabino Rodríguez, Esthel Vogrig, Tenoch Huerta, Harold Torres
Mexico / Denmark 2013 63’

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