End of Time
Scenes from a post-apocalyptic world. Has the earth’s slate now been wiped clean? Does the last person spell a new beginning? The only survivor seems to be a lone girl who managed to escape the catastrophe and is growing up in the forest.
The girl is now a fully grown woman. Her instincts are sharper and, over the years, she has become a practised hunter-gatherer. In a dilapidated barn from the old days she first discovers a stash of tinned food, and then a competitor in the struggle for sustenance: a man who, like her, believes he is the last person on earth and who is also struggling for survival. He makes her a peace-offering: somewhere beyond the mountains he believes there may be a region which could provide a better life. Together they set off and, finding a few other scattered survivors, try tentatively to make a fresh start – or else finish things off once and for all. Civilisation hangs in the balance – between hope and despair, trust and mistrust, harmonisation and barbarisation, community and isolation, good and evil.
by Sebastian Fritzsch
with Anne von Keller, Alexander Merbeth, Sebastian Ganzert, Heinrich Baumgartner, Elisabeth Wolle
Germany 2013 90’

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