Every day Chloé, a young doctor from Quebec, crosses the border into the West Bank in order to treat pregnant women in a Palestinian refugee camp. She has grown fond of one of her female patients, Rand, who sifts through rubbish looking for anything of use. She helps Rand’s older brother, Faysal, to put up posters drawing attention to the senseless death of a young boy run over by an Israeli army jeep. Chloé spends her evenings with her neighbour, Ava, an Israeli border guard who is sick of watching Palestinians being humiliated by her superiors. Instinctively, Chloé tries to create bridges between her friends on both sides. But as an outsider her attempts to move between two hostile worlds only threaten to uproot her still further – until things come to a head and she finds herself obliged to make a final decision.
Displaying an assured talent for loosening up this story of irreconcilable political perspectives, the filmmaker cleverly allows plenty of room for her young protagonists to bring their imagination into play. In this way, the children use their shoes to pretend they are on the phone to the Israeli president or dream of flying away like ‘Superman’.
by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette
with Evelyne Brochu, Sabrina Ouazani, Yousef Sweid, Sivan Levy, Carlo Brandt
Canada / France 2012 101’

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Entertainment One Films International

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