Twa Timoun

Three Kids | Drei Kinder
They have to make do with a few stones to play with, for Mickenson, Pierre and Vitaleme don't own much else. Nonetheless a steadfast friendship binds these three twelve-year-old boys living in a Haitian children’s home. When the massive earthquake devastates their hometown of Port-au-Prince, the lads see this as a sign and escape to seek their fortune on the streets. Spending time sleeping in strange cars and pilfering, they finally set up camp in an abandoned, ruined house where they swear to stay together forever. This means a lot to Vitaleme in particular whose traumatic family life still haunts his nightmares. When Mickenson and Pierre have an accident on a 'borrowed' motorbike, the two are placed in care. With a bit of luck, they might now have a chance of a decent future. But this means they are separated from Vitaleme, who refuses to come to terms with the new situation. Jonas d'Adesky's debut, which has a non-professional cast and documentary feel, portrays these boys' struggle for survival on a daily basis; it also shows their exuberance in the midst of a devastated city where life must go on.
by Jonas d'Adesky
with Jules Vitaleme, Sima Mickenson, Pierre Jean Mary
Belgium 2012 85’ empfohlen ab 11 Jahren

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Media Luna New Films

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