Beneath Clouds

Pale-skinned Lena finds life unbearable with her alcoholic Aboriginal mother and sets off in search of her Irish father. Along the way she meets Vaughn, who has escaped from a juvenile detention centre. Vaughn despises white people while Lena hides her Aboriginal origins. Out of desperation, the two band together – even though they each embody what the other is running away from. Set beneath Australia ’s wide open skies, this road movie doesn’t spare its protagonists from their harsh lives, but shows them there are other answers for their pain. The film is based on the director’s own childhood – Sen grew up in New South Wales, Australia, with his Aboriginal mother, in the absence of his European father. Beneath Clouds received the PREMIERE First Movie Award at the 2002 Berlinale.
by Ivan Sen
with Danielle Hall, Damian Pitt
Australia 2002 90’

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