"Blut muss fließen" - Undercover unter Nazis

"Blood must flow" - Undercover among Nazis
When first time journalist Thomas Kuban filmed a Neo-Nazi concert with a hidden camera he was opening a window on a youth community which barely an outsider had dared to penetrate. Six years on, he has succeeded in filming around fifty undercover shoots. Right-wing rock seems to be the perfect way to lure young people into the fold and to radicalise them. According to one study, right-wing extremism has become Germany’s largest youth movement. A flourishing market has sprung up around these music events: CDs of all the appropriate bands as well as other merchandise is home-produced and sold in specialised shops or via the internet. This also generates income for the movement’s expansion.
Documentarian Peter Ohlendorf filmed Thomas Kuban on his journey across Germany and Europe to revisit venues where Kuban had secretly filmed. The film focuses on political decision-makers, authorities and ordinary citizens.
The protagonist of this film must remain unknown; for this reason a pseudonym has been used here. His strange disguise is not only there to protect him; its outlandishness also serves to address the way in which society responds to him as an individual.
by Peter Ohlendorf Germany 2012 87’

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