The Iron Lady

Die Eiserne Lady
Academy Award winning actor Meryl Streep as Britain’s ‘iron lady’. Margaret Roberts comes from a modest background. Her father, a lay Methodist preacher, runs a grocers’ shop where she sometimes helps out as a young girl. Margaret inherits her father’s interest in politics and the ability to inspire others. Later, as a grown woman, this complete outsider succeeds in gaining entry into the male-dominated political establishment and, at the height of her career, Margaret, now Mrs Thatcher, succeeds in securing the top job of Britain’s prime minister. Learning quickly from her early mistakes, she improves her rhetorical skills and, following her closest advisers, even agrees to make changes to her personal appearance. She remains unflinchingly loyal however to her political course – whether battling unions or entering into war with Argentina over the Falklands. And through it all, her likeable, humorous husband Denis is her indispensable ‘rock’. After his death, Lady Thatcher, now suffering from dementia, often holds forth to Denis, who lives on in her memory. Meryl Streep has been awarded a Golden Globe for her performance in the role of Margaret Thatcher.
by Phyllida Lloyd
with Meryl Streep, Jim Broadbent, Olivia Colman, Roger Allam, Susan Brown
United Kingdom 2011 104’

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