Da Nao Tian Gong 3D

The Monkey King - Uproar in Heaven 3D | Der Affenkönig - Aufruhr im Himmel 3D
The heavenly adventures of the Monkey King Sun Wukong. From the Flower-Fruit Mountain to the epic battlefields in the palaces of the Dragon King and the powerful Celestial Jade Emperor. The quick-witted Sun uses all his cunning and artfulness to overcome the 100,000 heavenly warriors. As a result, heaven is well and truly plunged into havoc.
Made at Shanghai Animation Film Studio in 1964, DA NAO TIAN GONG is still well known in China today. Directed by Laiming Wan and four years in the making, this animation was created by hand from around 130,000 ink drawings and includes an opulent soundtrack influenced by the songs and music of Beijing Opera. In their restoration, directors Da Su and Zhihong Chen have maintained the spirit of the original, much of it having been restored by adding further hand-drawn images; the original soundtrack was also re-recorded and carefully complemented by new pieces with a western flavour. The restorers also collaborated with 3D specialists from the films AVATAR and HARRY POTTER, making this one of the first restorations to make use of 3D technology.

by Da Su, Zhihong Chen People’s Republic of China 2012 90’

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